About Pixel International

Pixel International Group offers a potential competitive advantage in the marketplace as it provides organizations with the ability to rapidly acquire the best people.

Our Pixel service provides our clients with the power to rapidly acquire high performing staff, optimize their workforce, and reduce operational costs and risks, whilst accessing excellent technology and recruitment expertise.

With global competition increasing, it is essential for high performing businesses to build a competitive organizational capability. Competition for the best talent and knowledge is increasing, not declining. For that reason, Pixel is a vital component within the HR strategies of today’s leading companies.

Our Mission
Our values
Our people
our commitments

Our Mission

Shape the future by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our clients, candidates, partner companies and ecosystem partners – to deliver high quality results through our learners and help them build their careers and achieve their dreams.

Our Values

Our company values are engrained in every process, every system and everything we do here at PIXEL. We are:

• Innovative: We look at problems differently to find innovative staffing solutions beyond the obvious.

• Trust: We communicate with honesty to clients, candidates, and colleagues.

• Blunt: We are open about what we do and how we do it.

• Driven: We’re driven to succeed and go above and beyond for our clients, candidates, and colleagues.

• Lively: We love what we do and strive to ensure our clients and candidates enjoy partnering with us.

Our People

Our strength is our team who are superior in all actions, secret to our success. Our nationwide team of seasoned recruitment consultants are experts in the areas they recruit in and have an unrivalled talent network. Our consultants have about 50 years of cumulative industrial expertise and have a passion for what they do

We understand that the success of a placement is rooted in a trusting and collaborative relationship with our clients and candidates.

Our Commitments

To clients:

To select and deliver passive and active job seekers that meet our clients’ skills and cultural requirements, brilliantly, so that they can meet or exceed their team goals and objectives.

To candidates:

To place candidates in positions that will advance their career prospects, within companies that inspire them, help them feel secure and fulfilled every day.