Video Interviewing & Meetings
Use high-definition video conference interviews and meetings to hire the best talent remotely.

A few things we’re great at

Lengthy hiring processes are a leading reason why businesses miss out on great candidates. By using our high-definition video interview technology, you can tap into a broader talent pool in far less time, easily keep processes moving along and never miss out on top talent again

Best-in-Class Video, Audio & Content Sharing

We have invested in the best technology to make your meetings with us and your interviews with candidates real and personal.

Effortless and Reliable

This video conferencing technology works well the first time, every time. It will give you a unified meeting experience that you can trust and can integrate into your daily workflow.

Seamless Panel Interviews

Our video conferencing technology facilitates multi-member conference calls for panel interviews.

Part of Our Service to Employers

We do not charge extra if you choose to use our video conferencing technology rather than interviewing in your office location – it is part of our recruitment consultancy service.

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